“I had the pleasure of working with Gary at FourFourTwo and he was fundamental to everything we did there. He has fantastic attention to detail, great organisational skills and a wonderful can-do attitude. He's also a brilliant team member and a genuine pleasure to work with: I honestly don't know a single person with a bad word to say about him. Oh, and his patented 'Idealism/Pragmatism Swingometer' is also an essential tool when working to deadlines. Couldn't recommend him more highly.”
Hugh Sleight, Director of Football Strategy, Perform

“You know your boss is doing well when you turn up to work consciously looking forward to it every day. Gary helps foster such feeling as a manager; approachable and fun, but deeply knowledgeable and hard-working too. He gave me my first big chance when he didn't have to, and I'd never be where I was today without him. He's the first person I'd go to for advice - editorial or otherwise - and has always taken time to give those like me opportunities to improve and develop. I could think of no better teacher.”
Joe Brewin, Digital Editor, FourFourTwo

“When you look forward to work and seeing your colleagues every day, you know you’re in the right place with the right people. Fundamental to the close-knit, supportive and positive culture at FourFourTwo, Gary was everyone’s go-to person, professionally or otherwise.
As a manager, he is approachable, patient and trusting; he motivates everyone around him to be the very best they possibly can be and makes a conscious effort to encourage professional development.
His bubbly, fun personality coupled with his exceptional industry knowledge and experience makes Gary an absolute joy to work with and learn from. Hard-working, enthusiastic and talented, he is a truly excellent person to have on your team. 
In short, Gary is the crème de la crème of colleagues.”
Harriet Drudge, Social Media Marketing Manager, Immediate Media

“Gary was everything I could ask for in a manager. He always struck the balance between guiding me and still trusting me to manage my direct reports -- and he did all that from another continent. We didn't have the pleasure of working in the same physical office, but that was never an issue with communication.
Gary is a sharp editor with an eye for a good story, and he helped me think more critically about my editorial vision. What I appreciate most about Gary, though, is his positive approach to management. Sports media can be a very cynical setting, but no matter the day -- and no matter the challenges we were facing -- Gary brought an upbeat attitude. I particularly appreciated his management style of positive reinforcement, which is both how I prefer to be managed and how I manage others. It made for a better work environment despite the stressful setting of being a startup venture in the U.S. market. I would not hesitate to work with Gary again in the future.”
Jeff Kassouf, freelance soccer writer, former editor of FourFourTwo USA

“Having spent a decade (the bulk of my professional life) working with Gary, it's hard to imagine where I'd be without him.
He was a constant source of support, advice and creative inspiration throughout our time working together on FourFourTwo, both during his seven years as my line manager, and the three we worked 'parallel' across the website and magazine.
Whether it was determining the best way to pitch a headline, structuring a sentence to maximise its impact, or clarifying whether it should be 'fulltime', 'full time' or 'full-time', Gary would always provide the answer, usually with an explanation so comprehensive yet straight-forward, he'd effectively have answered your next dozen questions too.
Above all else, Gary is aways approachable, amiable and downright hilarious. It's hard to imagine a better colleague/friend. Just don't get him started on the phrase 'meteoric rise'...”
James Maw, Deputy Editor, FourFourTwo

“It can be hard to ask for help, but Gary is so friendly and approachable he immediately puts you at ease. He’s fun, knowledgable and patient. Writers are a sensitive bunch and we don’t take too kindly to someone chopping up our words. But whenever Gary edited my work I thought he’d made subtle but significant changes. Everything he did made sense and he was always keen to explain the reasoning behind it. He never made you feel stupid or like an inconvenience. Most importantly I trusted him. Asking for help makes you feel vulnerable and insecure, but Parky was someone I always felt I could go to and feel comfortable. Loved working for him. Every time we worked together on a piece I felt I got better.”
Ben Welch, SPORTbible Senior Brand Marketing Manager, LADbible

“I worked with Gary on FourFourTwo for over 10 years in various roles. Firstly, Gary is one of the most talented writers you will find and a masterful storyteller in written and spoken word. Secondly, Gary is a fantastic nurturer of young talent and there are many people who have benefited from his guidance and tutelage over the years. And finally Gary is just someone you want alongside you on your team - talented, patient, enthusiastic and supportive in equal measure. It was an absolute pleasure to have worked alongside him.”
Andy Jackson, Global Brand Director, FourFourTwo

“A brilliant writer and editor whose wit, soul and intelligence helped create a warm, family atmosphere at FourFourTwo while delivering world-class content.”
Matthew Weiner, client strategy director, adidas/Zone

“Gary is terrific at so many things. It would be an annoying trait if he wasn't such a kind, positive, considerate, likeable person. He is a superb writer - a terrific wit, insightful, knowledgeable on more subjects than I have fingers and adaptable in the type of journalism he can create.
As the manager of our team, he was incredibly supportive and encouraging. His articulate advice was spot on and he always was full of ideas and plans for how a business could expand into new avenues, as well as being personally interested in the growth of his team as individuals.
Working with Gary is a pleasure. He's someone you can trust, respect, like and learn from. What better kind of colleague is there?”
Alex Reid, senior sport editor, AnalogFolk

“I worked with Gary for about three years as Product Manager on FourFourTwo. He was a joy to work with, not only with the general support he gave me but his grasp of the digital/online world was better than any editor I have worked with, which made my job a lot easier. 
An excellent writer and hilarious guy who actually made going into mundane meetings enjoyable!”
Niki Sorabjee, product owner, Oddschecker

“When you walk into a newsroom or new office on the first day of placement, it can be a little daunting to say the least. But when I walked into FourFourTwo for my first day, I knew I was in for a cracking year ahead. And a large part of that was down to Gary.
Along with the rest of the guys and girls, he welcomed me in with open arms and by the time I headed home on that first Friday, I felt like I was one of the team. 
Gary demonstrated everything I wanted and needed at FourFourTwo and more; he was meticulous, really good fun to be around and above all, incredibly approachable. So whenever I was struggling with anything, whether that be navigating my way around the systems to finding the right turn of phrase (and deciding where to go for lunch), Gary was always on hand to help me out. I can’t stress how much I valued and appreciated his support.
When he came into the office there was always an immediate lift in the atmosphere. He struck the balance between professionalism and striving for excellence with personal development and joyful enthusiasm to perfection. The man is brilliant and hilarious in equal measure - it’s a winning formula.
He may not have been my line manager during my time at FourFourTwo but Gary was one of the people I saw as a mentor there. I thoroughly enjoyed my Fridays in the office, learnt so much and developed as both a journalist and a person. I would not have done so anywhere near as much without Gary. I can’t thank him enough and it was a genuine pleasure to call him a colleague.”
Joshua Jones, sports reporter, The Sun

“Back in 2013, I'd never written about football and Gary had never heard of me. I cold-pitched him with an idea for a profile of a young Swiss player and not only did he respond immediately, but he saw the potential in the story and worked patiently with me while I reported and wrote it, offering excellent advice and guidance. I've since written several more times for FourFourTwo, and all because Gary took a chance on an unproven stranger and helped nurture and develop him as a writer. From seeing the tributes when he announced he was leaving FourFourTwo, I know I'm not the only one.
Any team of writers or digital content producers would benefit from Gary's editing skills, professionalism, approachability and ability to cultivate talent.”
Matthew Waltert, freelance writer

“Gary was my main point of contact at FourFourTwo for a number of years while I was a freelancer, and I always found that he was very clear in providing briefs, as well as providing direction as to which kind of pitches would best fit the outlet. I found him to be helpful, professional and willing to listen to any ideas I thought would be worth sharing.”
Lee Roden, football journalist/editor/commentator

“I worked under Gary's guidance for a couple of years as a freelance cog in the digital team at FourFourTwo. As an editor he was a pleasure to work with, always patient and responsive to any questions while ensuring a high standard of work was produced. He demonstrated a deep care and understanding for the brand, as well as the kind of content and tone that its audience demanded. Gary also managed to combine consummate professionalism with being a very approachable and friendly colleague - I would always feel his door was open to me. I feel my own professional development has benefitted hugely from his guidance.”
Alasdair Mackenzie, freelance sports journalist

“Having worked with Gary for some time now I feel comfortable in saying he is one of the best editors I have worked under. Always friendly, he welcomes new ideas and teaches in a considered and diplomatic way. He affords me a great deal of freedom with my copy and ideas for which I am very grateful. I feel his approach to managing gets the best out of his writers due to his personable demeanour and enthusiasm towards work – as I say, I feel he's easily one of the best editors I've worked for.”
– Kristan Heneage, freelance football writer and broadcaster

“Gary was first and foremost a fantastic man to work for, and I am extremely grateful for his tutelage whilst at FourFourTwo magazine. A kind and thoroughly pleasant person to report to, Gary was always available to help and was always happy to do so. His outgoing nature continued after my time at the magazine, advising me as I completed my degree at university. I am hopeful of continuing a working relationship with Gary in the future. Both a great friend and a great colleague.”
Christopher Cox, communications assistant at BAE Systems

“One of those rare editors who responded to pitches and always took the time out to give help and advice wherever [he] could.”
Tom Seymour, freelance journalist and copywriter

“One of the best I’ve worked with”.
Jon Warden, UX/design consultant, formerly of The Times

“Gary is hard-working, thorough, reliably funny and generally a lovely guy.”
Tom Dunmore, co-founder & CSO at Mediablaze Group